British man of Pak origin arrested in UK for ‘misbehaving with air hostess’ on PIA flight


British police on Tuesday arrested a British man of Pakistani origin for allegedly verbally abusing and misbehaving with an air hostess during a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight.

Airline sources said a group of five men of Pakistani origin were travelling together on flight PK-791 from Islamabad to Birmingham.

During the flight, the cabin crew found 2-3 men from the group allegedly smoking in the lavatory, a serious violation of flight rules.

Airline sources claimed that when an air hostess confronted the men over their action, they began misbehaving with her. One man in particular hurled verbal abuse at the flight attendant, they alleged.

The air hostess complained about the incident to the pilot, who upon landing in Birmingham alerted the police.

British police personnel then made a number of passengers connected to the incident disembark and later arrested one man from the group.

When contacted, PIA Spokesman Danyal Gilani said that the airline is looking into the matter.



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